Have you ever tried to confess your love to someone? Are you one of those women who had been turned down and now crying over a guy? Was it too painful that you want to hide somewhere for weeks? Well, this isn’t the end of the world for you.

In any case, a relationship never existed. So moving on will never be that hard. What you must do is to overcome the pain, release all the anger, forget about the humiliation, and move on. Crying over a guy who was never yours must never take a long time. A couple of days or weeks is already enough to end it. So to achieve this, here are few tips on how to get over him in just a matter of time.

Tip #1: Cry as hard as you can in just a day.

Releasing all the pain in a day or two perhaps is enough to make you feel better afterwards. Crying over a guy whom you never had a chance to be with is not a difficult thing to end. While he is taking pleasure in the merriment, you are left in the corner sulking over the rejection. However, you must never let this happen. Doing this will only make you appear weak and pathetic. Remember this: Everything you do is a matter of choice. And wallowing in depression is yours to decide.

Tip #2: Hang out with your friends.

Taking some time off would be a good idea. Help could come in the form of a friend or your family. Go shopping or stroll the mall. Spend time with your pal and have fun. There’s no point in crying and drowning in disgrace and pain. Friends do not miss any drama. In times of need and depression, they always lend a hand and make sure that you’ll go back to your normal self.

Tip #3: Have a night out and meet new guys.

This step is rather a way of getting out of despair by means of finding someone that could make you forget. You may go to a club and have a drink or two. On the contrary, you might think that being sober will help you stop crying over a guy. But the truth is, beers and cocktails will never be a solution. It might be a way for a second, but the moment you wake up and the spirit of the alcohol is no longer there, what you’ll have is headache and bigger bellies. So be mindful of this always. Keeping yourself drunk is not the answer.

Tip #4: Focus your attention onto something else.

Do some healthy daily activities. Keep yourself busy in a good way. Hit the gym, enroll on a yoga class, attend workshops, and learn how to dance. In doing this, your focus will no longer be crying over guy, but onto some meaningful things. You’ll never know what fate might bring you. The perfect love may perhaps be just in front of you.

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